In the era of easy-to-compare insurance products, gain a market advantage, thanks to unique customer experiences.

Low code in
the insurance industry

The need to secure oneself against unforeseen events, to protect one’s own life and the lives of their loved ones, and to safely multiply capital, results in the fact that a growing part of society tries to properly take care of their future. When analyzing the offers available on the market, customers look for services and products best suited to their needs and expectations.

On the other hand, the requirements of financial supervision makes insurance products more and more transparent and thus easier to compare and to copy by competitors. Therefore, the most effective way to achieve a competitive advantage is to increase the quality of service and build a unique Customer Experience.

Low code allows insurance companies to quickly implement desired changes, without the need for tedious programming of new functionalities or a thorough reconstruction of existing applications. Thanks to this, these companies can focus entirely on the needs and expectations of users and thus build their competitive advantage.

A solution for handling communication with Clients.

Design, implementation, and maintenance of operational CRM.

Key functionalities of the implemented solution:

  • Management of interactions with customers (telephone, email, www).
  • 360 customer view and one service app, instead of six.
  • Joint processes for Operations, Sales, and Marketing.
  • Management of customer and agent complaints and cases.
  • Marketing campaigns – a welcome call, NPS, customer retention.
A solution for assessing the risks linked to insurance products.

Design, implementation, and maintenance of an application for underwriting a health product which includes life insurance.

The risk assessment process consisted in evaluating an insurance application which could have resulted in one of the following:

  • Refusal to issue the policy.
  • Postponing the issuance of the policy.
  • Increasing the premium.
  • Excluding some scope of protection.
  • Issuing a standard policy.

The application’s functionality also included non-standard case routing, integration with the Document Management System, and a printing mechanism.

services for the insurance industry

Low-code / BPM

We independently implement end-to-end projects, regardless of whether we need to build an entirely new application. tailored to the customer's requirements, or to expand on an existing solution.


Test the quality and availability of your applications with the innovative Flopsar tool. Instant identification of the causes for failures and removal of possible errors.

digital transformation

With Clocklike Minds, your company will be ready for the future, in its every aspect. Keep up with changes and customer expectations. Adjust your offer to the dynamically changing market.

Low-code specialists experienced in working with companies from the insurance sector wanted?

Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing similar projects. The implementations in which we participated consisted of the construction of operational CRMs, solutions for the implementation of after-sales service of insurance products, and analysis and assessment of insurance risk related to concluded contracts.


Our portfolio includes the following:

  • optimization and automation of business processes
  • elimination of silo structures and implementation of standard procedures for the entire organization
  • automation of handling new products
  • development of sales and service portals
  • modernization of legacy systems

Tens of successful implementations and projects provide us with experience which can also benefit you.

where we

Clocklike Minds is a team of specialists with extensive experience. Our portfolio consists of many successful implementations – complex international projects included. We have worked for organizations located in more than a dozen countries, on three continents.



The after-sales service for a complex insurance product

This service was implemented on a low-code/BPM platform. The development time was much shorter, and the delivered solution was much more flexible, in comparison to implementations with the use of traditional software development methods.

The functionality included:

  • The possibility to introduce changes to the policy, within its duration.
  • Complex premium calculation and validations.
  • Monthly policy changes.
  • Underwriting support (loading and exclusions)

other industries

Which sectors can benefit from low-code solutions?


Increase the quality and speed of customer service by automating sales and service processes. Dynamically implement solutions adapted to legislative changes and customer expectations.

public sector

Improving the quality of service provision and effective delivery of solutions that facilitate the everyday life of citizens.

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