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Improving the quality of service provision and effective delivery of solutions that facilitate the everyday life of citizens.

Low code in
public sector

More and more often, citizens expect public institutions to deliver digital solutions and experiences at the level of those provided by private companies. This means innovating, rapidly developing, and deploying systems which leverage citizens’ data and insights – to give them a new experience and optimize operational efficiency.

Low code is a way for the public sector to catch up. An effective digital transformation increases citizens’ involvement and facilitates taking care of all necessary matters remotely or in another convenient way. Implementation of low-code solutions allows for a comprehensive provision of services, for multi-channel interactions with citizens, and for adjusting communication to each user’s expectations.

Private companies which optimize their solutions daily, to provide consumers with the highest satisfaction, can serve as an inspiration.

Handling official matters remotely

The option to handle official matters through dedicated systems is becoming a standard. Citizens and public sector employees expect simple and understandable solutions which are integrated with other systems, whilst not requiring familiarity with such other systems.

The public sector often faces the challenge of having to quickly deliver IT solutions. One example of that are public aid programs for business entities which are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the simultaneous need to provide high-quality solutions that are easy to maintain, modify, and scale, it is crucial to employ the right IT tools and specialists who can handle efficient design and implementation.

The path to innovation and progress

Appropriate use of low-code technology helps improve the way government institutions operate and, in particular, improve the quality of their interactions with citizens. This is a very effective way to stimulate innovation and progress. The public sector often uses obsolete IT technologies which are expensive to maintain and impossible or very expensive to develop. At the same time, these systems – at least partially – fulfill their role. Using appropriate low-code tools allows for employing such systems, while remaining open to new possibilities which could be implemented in a new environment.

Low-code platforms facilitate technological transformation combined with an infrastructure change. Presenting data in a more accessible way and interacting with newer apps adapted to mobile devices is crucial for meeting citizens’ current expectations.

services for the public sector

Low-code / BPM

We independently implement end-to-end projects, regardless of whether we need to build an entirely new application. tailored to the customer's requirements, or to expand on an existing solution.


Test the quality and availability of your applications with the innovative Flopsar tool. Instant identification of the causes for failures and removal of possible errors.

digital transformation

With Clocklike Minds, your company will be ready for the future, in its every aspect. Keep up with changes and customer expectations. Adjust your offer to the dynamically changing market.

Are you looking for an experienced team of low-code specialists to work in the public sector?

At Clocklike Minds, we gained experience while participating in large projects for public sector entities, e.g., constructing a system to pay aid funds to business entities.

of experience
with Pega system

Our PEGA technology experience is among the largest on the market. We have successfully implemented many end-to-end projects. Our support goes beyond the extension/changing of the existing solution. We can also create a new application tailored to the customer’s requirements.

In our daily work, we support digital transformation, striving to make low-code/BPM solutions a natural way to solve problems and to ensure the dynamic development of your company.

where we

Clocklike Minds is a team of specialists with extensive experience. Our portfolio consists of many successful implementations – complex international projects included. We have worked for organizations located in more than a dozen countries, on three continents.



Building a system to control the process of disbursement of aid funds (related to the covid-19 pandemic) to business entities.

The project included implementation of the following:

  • application processes for various aid programs,
  • extensive application evaluation and control processes,
  • payment generation mechanisms,
  • collective processes which summarize and settle the aid offered under all programs, for individual entities.

other industries

Which sectors can benefit from low-code solutions?


Increase the quality and speed of customer service by automating sales and service processes. Dynamically implement solutions adapted to legislative changes and customer expectations.


Face the influence of external factors – the dynamic changes in regulations and the growing expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive market.

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