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Take full advantage of the low-code technology. With Clocklike Minds, applications are created quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Low code solutions for
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Cost and time savings and the complete flexibility of created solutions are undoubtedly some of the most significant advantages of the low-code technology. BPM platforms enable the automation of even the most complex business processes which are spread throughout the organization, which involve employees from many areas, and which require integration with many external systems.

Clocklike Minds include some of Poland’s best and most experienced specialists who comprehensively implement solutions using Pega technology (a world leader among low-code/BPM platforms, according to the Gartner Report).

The achievements of our experienced team of architects and engineers, combined with the possibilities offered by low-code/BPM platforms, allow you to create applications faster and more efficiently than ever before.

User needs evolve, and low-code solutions are the best way to keep up!

of low code
  • implementation speed – with the use of ready-made platform components, new functionalities or changes are implemented instantly
  • flexibility – the implementation of changes, which are often dictated by new legal regulations or business requirements, no longer requires the participation of developers – they can be introduced by trained employees
  • transparency – thanks to the visual representation of the automated business process, users can see the entire flow and the related subprocesses
  • flawlessness – thanks to automation and the introduction of multi-level validation, the probability of making a mistake is minimized
  • comprehensiveness – the solution includes all the required business functionalities and technical integrations with the company’s external and internal systems, as well as the user interface and reporting
  • multiple channels – applications built on low-code platforms can communicate with the outside world through various communication channels: www, mobile interface, social networking sites, popular messengers, email, etc.
innovation arising from low code

Hyperautomation is a business-oriented approach. It involves the use of multiple technologies, tools, or platforms, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, low-code solutions, and business process management (BPM) platforms. Companies use it to quickly identify, check and automate as many processes in the organization, as possible.

Due to the growing expectations of users and requirements for operational optimization, the interest in hyperautomation is constantly growing.

Low-code solutions are a crucial element of an effective hyper-automation process. They can help your organization enter the path of innovation, by enabling business and IT teams to effectively collaborate on application development, by providing a shared work platform, prototyping possibilities, and quick verification of the created solutions. As a result, you can create products perfectly adapted to market needs and, at the same time, fully flexible and scalable.

Low code/bpm implementations - forms of cooperation

End to end projects

The full spectrum of specialists required for the successful implementation of a project (business analysts, PMs, testers, programmers, and architects of IT solutions). Within the iBPMS Pega platform, we provide a project team of specialists with skills confirmed by certificates and relevant project experience.

Maintenance and support for existing applications

We work in accordance with SLA agreements (response time, error repair time) negotiated with clients. We also carry out the development of small changes and ongoing development of required functionalities. We remain at your disposal, if you have a problem with your systems or want to outsource.

Team augumentation

Our employees can strengthen the teams existing on the customer side, and we can provide entire teams consisting of employees with various complementary qualifications. An exemplary team consists of a lead system developer (CLSA), a senior system developer (CSSA), a system developer (CSA), and a business analyst (CBA). Depending on the specifics of individual projects, we can work at the client’s premises, remotely or in a hybrid system, combining both styles of work.



At Clocklike Minds, a broad portfolio of successful implementations in the low-code technology field includes projects in several countries. Our specialists have worked with international companies from industries such as banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, pharmacy, healthcare, printing, as well as with public sector companies.

Automation of the process of concluding a leasing contract

This cooperation covered almost the entire process - from registering a leasing application in Pega, verifying the Partners' credibility, and making a credit decision, to creating and registering a leasing contract in an external system.

Automation of the after-sales service in the insurance industry

This implementation included enabling introduction of changes to the policy, within its duration, complex calculation of premiums and validations, support for Underwriting (loading and exclusions), and full integration with the central system and the letter system.

of experience
with Pega system

Our PEGA technology experience is among the largest on the market. We have successfully implemented many end-to-end projects. Our support goes beyond the extension/changing of the existing solution. We can also create a new application tailored to the customer’s requirements.

In our daily work, we support digital transformation, striving to make low-code/BPM solutions a natural way to solve problems and to ensure the dynamic development of your company.


Our portfolio includes the following:

  • optimization and automation of business processes
  • elimination of silo structures and implementation of standard procedures for the entire organization
  • automation of handling new products
  • development of sales and service portals
  • modernization of legacy systems

Tens of successful implementations and projects provide us with experience which can also benefit you.

Where can you use low-code and bpm platforms?

Which industries are the best place to implement low-code solutions, and what results can be expected?


Face the influence of external factors – the dynamic changes in regulations and the growing expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive market.


Increase the quality and speed of customer service by automating sales and service processes. Dynamically implement solutions adapted to legislative changes and customer expectations.

Are you looking for a team of Pega /low-code specialists to implement your solution comprehensively?

You’ve come to the right place!

Together, we will develop solutions that will allow your company to undergo a digital transformation and develop more dynamically. As Clocklike Minds, we provide our clients with support in the field of low-code/BPM technology, with a focus on Pega technology.

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