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Faster detection of errors and maintaining the high quality of the created system.

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Automated tests are the backbone of successful software development, guaranteeing flawless application functionality. Their key advantage lies in their ability to be repeated effortlessly, making it a breeze to spot and tackle issues as they emerge during the development process. Unlike manual testing, automated tests boast lightning-fast and precise error detection, leading to a remarkable improvement in software quality.

At Clocklike Minds, our primary focus is automating scenario-based tests, where we skillfully blend functional and UI tests. While these tests may demand considerable resources, the rewards they bring in terms of application quality are unparalleled. By automating this area, we optimize efficiency and elevate overall performance.

of automated tests
  • time saving – automated tests allow for testing a large number of test cases faster than manual tests. This saves time and allows you to focus on other tasks.
  • repeatability – automated tests can be performed many times, without the need to involve people. This allows for testing a functionality or system after each code change, and for running tests regularly, to ensure that the system is working properly.
  • reliability – automated tests are repeatable and reliable, which means that the test results are accurate and credible. Manual tests, on the other hand, are always prone to human errors that can affect their results.
  • early detection of errors – automatic tests allow for a quick detection of errors at an early stage of the software development process. This allows for problems to be identified and fixed before deploying the application to a higher environment.
Automated tests
using external tools

Cucumber and Selenium are popular software testing tools used for different purposes.

Selenium automates UI-based operations in web applications, allowing tests to run on various browsers and platforms. It simulates user interactions like clicks, text input, and page navigation.

Cucumber, on the other hand, is a testing tool based on the Gherkin language, making test scenarios understandable to non-programmers. Business users can create scenarios and collaborate with developers in the testing process.

Together, Cucumber and Selenium form a flexible framework for testing applications, suitable for both simple and complex processes. These open-source tools have excellent documentation and a large community, making them highly efficient for cross-platform testing, including integration with Pega system for regression testing.


End to end projects

The full spectrum of specialists required for the successful implementation of a project (business analysts, PMs, testers, programmers, and architects of IT solutions). Within the iBPMS Pega platform, we provide a project team of specialists with skills confirmed by certificates and relevant project experience.

Team augumentation

Our employees can strengthen the teams existing on the customer side, and we can provide entire teams consisting of employees with various complementary qualifications. An exemplary team consists of a lead system developer (CLSA), a senior system developer (CSSA), a system developer (CSA), and a business analyst (CBA). Depending on the specifics of individual projects, we can work at the client’s premises, remotely or in a hybrid system, combining both styles of work.

Are you looking for an experienced team of automated testers who will implement it comprehensively?

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Together, we will develop solutions that will allow your company to undergo a digital transformation and develop more dynamically. As Clocklike Minds, we provide our clients with support in the field of automated testing.

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