how do we work?

Relationships built on transparency and trust.


Customer’s satisfaction and needs always come first

Before we created our company, we used to work on the client’s side. We treat our clients the way we ourselves would like to be treated. We understand their problems because we were once in their place. We build relationships with our partners, which are based on transparency and trust.

Zanim stworzyliśmy naszą firmę sami pracowaliśmy po stronie Klienta. Traktujemy naszych Klientów tak, jak sami chcielibyśmy być traktowani. Rozumiemy ich problemy, bo sami byliśmy na ich miejscu. Z naszymi Partnerami budujemy relacje oparte na transparentności i zaufaniu.

  • Jesteśmy zaufanym doradcą, a nie “sklepem z programistami”
  • Dostarczamy doświadczonych konsultantów
  • Tworzymy niezawodne produkty/aplikacje
  • Stosujemy najlepsze wzorce i praktyki
  • Wykorzystujemy informację zwrotną do ciągłego usprawniania naszych produktów i usług

We are a trusted advisor, not a "developer shop".

We provide experienced consultants.

We create reliable products/applications.

We apply the best patterns and practices.

We use feedback to improve our products and services.

Stages of cooperation

The cooperation model has been designed to provide our clients with the highest quality solutions.


A needs and challenges analysis


Choosing the most effective solution


Implementation of the project


Feedback, monitoring, and optimization

A needs and
Challenges analysis

We operate in accordance with the Solution Selling methodology. We study and try to understand all the factors related to the reason why the client experiences a specific issue or the source of the company’s specific needs.

Following such diagnosis, we examine the impact the given need or issue has on other people or areas of the client’s organization. The intention is to determine in what way are the factors we identify spread across the organization.

Choosing the most
effective Solution

After a detailed analysis of the problem, we prepare our approach/solution proposal and present it to the client. At this stage, we often carry out a short Proof of Concept process, so that the client can test our ideas in practice.

When choosing a solution, we adhere to the following principles.

  • We treat each project individually. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  • We try to address the customer’s needs accurately. We focus on providing them with the best solution, not selling a specific product or service.
  • We always try to bring added value, an additional benefit to the implemented project.
of the project

This stage of cooperation consists in the implementation of a previously approved solution. Within its duration, we try to keep the client constantly involved in the implementation. Two elements are crucial here:

  • The client continues to verify the quality of the delivered solution.
  • A follow-up based on arrangements with the client

This approach allows us to align with our partners’ expectations. At this stage, there may be differences in opinions and ideas, which is why it is so important to choose the optimal solution together.

Our suggestion is that key decisions should be supported by examples or statistics. Sometimes, it may turn out that previously developed solutions are not effective enough, which is why we often adapt our activities to the current situation.

and optimization

After the project is completed, we meet with our Partners to summarize what has been implemented. We verify whether the client has received what they had asked for and whether they are satisfied with the results. Feedback from the customer serves as the basis for designing improvements and corrections.

Project implementation may trigger exciting discussions, discoveries in terms of knowledge hidden within the organization, and identification of new needs and ideas for solving them. Therefore, all the relevant knowledge is worth materializing in one place, e.g., by creating a digital knowledge base. Its value could be enormous, which is why we also try to share similar ideas with our clients.


Our portfolio includes the following:

  • optimization and automation of business processes
  • elimination of silo structures and implementation of standard procedures for the entire organization
  • automation of handling new products
  • development of sales and service portals
  • modernization of legacy systems

Tens of successful implementations and projects provide us with experience which can also benefit you.

where we

Clocklike Minds is a team of specialists with extensive experience. Our portfolio consists of many successful implementations – complex international projects included. We have worked for organizations located in more than a dozen countries, on three continents.

Are you looking for an experienced team to work with?

Easy, quick, and cheap implementation of ideas is the best way to develop dynamically. With Clocklike Minds, you don’t have to be afraid of change. Our team and our intelligent platform will put it all within your reach.

our successes

Case studies of our implementations.

Automation of the process of concluding a leasing contract

This cooperation covered almost the entire process - from registering a leasing application in Pega, verifying the Partners' credibility, and making a credit decision, to creating and registering a leasing contract in an external system.

Automation of the after-sales service in the insurance industry

This implementation included enabling introduction of changes to the policy, within its duration, complex calculation of premiums and validations, support for Underwriting (loading and exclusions), and full integration with the central system and the letter system.

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