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The digital economy is characterized by rapid development, evolution, innovation, and breakthroughs. Companies that want to keep up must be prepared to adapt to this new digital landscape.

Digital transformation is about more than just adopting new technology. It is also a change in the way the entire organization functions.

Companies which do not understand their processes or products, or the way they operate, cannot define their business priorities. That is why it is essential to analyze the status quo and plan changes accordingly.

On the other hand, implementation of modern IT systems is often linked to changes in the IT architecture. The need to define new integration or to rebuild existing ones is just one example of that.

Our company can support clients in terms of both processes and technology. We help identify process bottlenecks, streamline processes and workflows, and select appropriate IT tools and platforms, and we advise on integrating them with existing IT architecture.

solution selling
Clocklike Minds work methodology

At the beginning of each cooperation, we constantly research and try to understand why the client is struggling or where the company’s needs are coming from.

After such diagnosis, we examine the influence of the given need or struggle on other people or areas within the client’s organization. The goal is to learn how the identified issues spread throughout the entire company.

Digital transformation is a multifaceted process; no single tool or approach can make it happen automatically. A company must adopt a wide range of new technologies and techniques to successfully implement a digital transformation strategy.

Low-code platforms can play a vital role in this process, by reducing the time and money spent on traditional development processes and enabling the company’s employees to dive deep into programming, regardless of their technical background.


Our team, which consists of experienced architects and engineers with proven success in implementing complex transformation projects, will be happy to help any organization achieve better operational efficiency.

What have we achieved?

  • Assistance in implementing a digital transformation strategy and optimizing the company’s IT architecture (leasing industry).
  • Optimization and automation of business processes (insurance industry).
  • Elimination of silo structures and implementation of standard processes for the entire organization.
  • Automation of handling new products.
  • Preparation of sales and service portals.
  • Modernization of legacy systems.



At Clocklike Minds, a broad portfolio of successful implementations in the low-code technology field includes projects in several countries. Our specialists have worked with international companies from industries such as banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, pharmacy, healthcare, printing, as well as with public sector companies.

Automation of the process of concluding a leasing contract

This cooperation covered almost the entire process - from registering a leasing application in Pega, verifying the Partners' credibility, and making a credit decision, to creating and registering a leasing contract in an external system.

Automation of the after-sales service in the insurance industry

This implementation included enabling introduction of changes to the policy, within its duration, complex calculation of premiums and validations, support for Underwriting (loading and exclusions), and full integration with the central system and the letter system.

of experience
with Pega system

Our PEGA technology experience is among the largest on the market. We have successfully implemented many end-to-end projects. Our support goes beyond the extension/changing of the existing solution. We can also create a new application tailored to the customer’s requirements.

In our daily work, we support digital transformation, striving to make low-code/BPM solutions a natural way to solve problems and to ensure the dynamic development of your company.

where we

Clocklike Minds is a team of specialists with extensive experience. Our portfolio consists of many successful implementations – complex international projects included. We have worked for organizations located in more than a dozen countries, on three continents.

WHERE digital transformation WILL WORK?

Which industries are the best place to implement digital transformation solutions, and what results can be expected?


Face the influence of external factors – the dynamic changes in regulations and the growing expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive market.


Increase the quality and speed of customer service by automating sales and service processes. Dynamically implement solutions adapted to legislative changes and customer expectations.

Are you looking for a team of Pega /low-code specialists to implement your solution comprehensively?

You’ve come to the right place!

Together, we will develop solutions that will allow your company to undergo a digital transformation and develop more dynamically. As Clocklike Minds, we provide our clients with support in the field of low-code/BPM technology, with a focus on Pega technology.

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