why us?

Ethics, quality of work, and honesty towards our clients is what distinguishes us.

of experience
with Pega system

Our PEGA technology experience is among the largest on the market. We have successfully implemented many end-to-end projects. Our support goes beyond the extension/changing of the existing solution. We can also create a new application tailored to the customer’s requirements.

In our daily work, we support digital transformation, striving to make low-code/BPM solutions a natural way to solve problems and to ensure the dynamic development of your company.


Our portfolio includes the following:

  • optimization and automation of business processes
  • elimination of silo structures and implementation of standard procedures for the entire organization
  • automation of handling new products
  • development of sales and service portals
  • modernization of legacy systems

Tens of successful implementations and projects provide us with experience which can also benefit you.

what is
low code?

Low code is an approach to software development that helps technical and business professionals collaborate and deliver digital transformation solutions faster, by minimizing the amount of coding.


As a result, you can stay up-to-date and keep up with the dynamic market changes. Adjust your offer to the needs of your recipients. Ensure rapid prototyping and low-cost implementation. Automate processes and work more efficiently.

Where can you use low code?

See what solutions will work for your business and take advantage of the Clocklike Minds’ offer – rely on a digital transformation.


Face the influence of external factors – the dynamic changes in regulations and the growing expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive market.


Increase the quality and speed of customer service by automating sales and service processes. Dynamically implement solutions adapted to legislative changes and customer expectations.


Our cooperation with a leading company in the leasing industry allowed us to shorten a lessee’s average waiting time for a credit decision from about 25 hours to about 17-18 minutes. Before the introduction of automation, the decision-making process was largely manual, prone to human error, and relatively slow, and its implementation was dispersed between many smaller tools.


Our primary goal was to speed up and centralize the process of handling a new lease agreement. We also wanted to minimize the need for the company’s employees to make subjective decisions about its course.

The implemented solution covered virtually the entire cycle of handling a new lease agreement, starting from registration of the application, through checking the credibility of partners and making a credit decision, to creating and registering a new deal in an external system.

Are you looking for an experienced team to automate processes in your company?

To stay in the competitive market, it is necessary to focus on automating sales and service processes. Without strong IT support, it will not be possible to equip the company with the required knowledge and tools to carry out the digitization process effectively and safely.



At Clocklike Minds, a broad portfolio of successful implementations in the low-code technology field includes projects in several countries. Our specialists have worked with international companies from industries such as banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, pharmacy, healthcare, printing, as well as with public sector companies.

Automation of the process of concluding a leasing contract

This cooperation covered almost the entire process - from registering a leasing application in Pega, verifying the Partners' credibility, and making a credit decision, to creating and registering a leasing contract in an external system.

Automation of the after-sales service in the insurance industry

This implementation included enabling introduction of changes to the policy, within its duration, complex calculation of premiums and validations, support for Underwriting (loading and exclusions), and full integration with the central system and the letter system.

Stages of cooperation

The cooperation model has been designed to provide our clients with the highest quality solutions.


A needs and challenges analysis


Choosing the most effective solution


Implementation of the project


Feedback, monitoring, and optimization

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brand mission and vision

At Clocklike Minds, we make the organizations that cooperate with us develop much more dynamically. We want our partners to be able to respond to the needs of their clients with certainty.

Low code

Learn how to introduce innovations to your company quickly and effectively. A digital transformation will give you a chance for dynamic development.

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