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In this article, we would like to expand on this topic, by briefly presenting the process of creating such a framework for Pega.
automated testing in pega
Discover the importance of automated testing in software development and how it revolutionizes the way of ensuring quality and efficiency in projects. We share our expertise and practical insights, shedding light on the latest trends and techniques in the field.
In version 8.4, Pega introduced the Email BOT channel – an advanced automation tool for understanding correspondence and responding to it accurately, using the ability to self-learning. See how to use it and what it can be useful for.
see the benefits of implementing low-code solutions in your company
The importance of leasing for the economy is constantly growing. The growing demand also means more and more challenges for leasing companies, in terms of the quality and speed of customer service. The dynamic development of the market must be supported by an equally dynamic development of companies in most areas of their operation, particularly in the areas of contact with end customers and business partners.
Low-code solutions enable government institutions to increase efficiency and smoothly transition to the digital age. They are necessary for providing citizens with appropriate solutions and granting the employees of government organizations access to working conditions worthy of the 21st century.
Insurance companies are under increasing pressure to constantly evolve. They must dynamically adapt to the requirements of customers, the changing dynamics of the workplace, and amendments in the law. There are countless ways in which low code can help insurers stay competitive and provide the best customer experience to their customers.
Adapting to dynamic regulatory modifications and keeping up with changes in the highly competitive market, in terms of both the business offer and the manner of providing services, are challenges which constitute a part of the everyday reality for today’s banking institutions.
Have you ever wondered what all the PEGA-related fuss is about? We are happy to help! Check out our 5 facts about PEGA which you need to know.
My friends and family, and even individuals working in the industry and candidates at interviews, are all wondering – who creates the applications on our platforms? Is it the developers or maybe business people with appropriate technical training? Do you have to have a college degree or is it enough to participate in a few courses?
When developing the technological skills of employees, does it still make sense to employ traditional mentoring, i.e., teaching through cooperation with more experienced specialists? I definitely believe it does. Even the very best online course will not allow you to study the thinking patterns of experienced technological specialists, as they are solving real tasks, included in real projects.
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