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We are some of Poland’s best and most experienced experts who comprehensively implement solutions, using Pega technology. The team consists of professional architects and engineers. We have been consistently developing our portfolio of successful implementations of complex IT projects for organizations operating in over a dozen countries, on three continents.

Paweł Brzeski



Board Member / Pega Certified Lead System Architect


Board Member / Pega Certified Lead System Architect



Low-code platforms accelerate application development, reducing delivery times from years and months to weeks. They are also a great way to minimize the risks involved in developing solutions – rapid prototyping allows for a complete visualization of process flows and interactions.

As developer resources become scarce, low-code/bpm tools are turning into a practical business solution that will increasingly be used to automate processes.

of experience
with Pega System

Our PEGA technology experience is among the largest on the market. We have successfully implemented many end-to-end projects. Our support goes beyond the extension/changing of the existing solution. We can also create a new application tailored to the customer’s requirements.

In our daily work, we support digital transformation, striving to make low-code/BPM solutions a natural way to solve problems and to ensure the dynamic development of your company.

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Clocklike Minds is a team of specialists with extensive experience. Our portfolio consists of many successful implementations – complex international projects included. We have worked for organizations located in more than a dozen countries, on three continents.



It’s a modern BPMS platform that allows you to build applications several times faster than in JAVA. If you want to quickly and effectively automate processes in your organization, you should consider low code – it’s the best solution.

An extensive management system and a powerful decision engine allow you to model even the most complex processes in your company. In the Pega system, analysts and developers work together. Prototyping new solutions is straightforward, so everyone can actively participate in their creation.

Looking for experienced low-code and PEGA specialists who will implement your solution comprehensively?

Look no further!

Together, we will come up with ideas that will allow your company go through a digital transformation and develop dynamically. As the Clocklike Minds team, we support our Clients with low-code/BPM solutions – especially in PEGA technology.



At Clocklike Minds, a broad portfolio of successful implementations in the low-code technology field includes projects in several countries. Our specialists have worked with international companies from industries such as banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, pharmacy, healthcare, printing, as well as with public sector companies.

Automation of the process of concluding a leasing contract

This cooperation covered almost the entire process - from registering a leasing application in Pega, verifying the Partners' credibility, and making a credit decision, to creating and registering a leasing contract in an external system.

Automation of the after-sales service in the insurance industry

This implementation included enabling introduction of changes to the policy, within its duration, complex calculation of premiums and validations, support for Underwriting (loading and exclusions), and full integration with the central system and the letter system.


Working with the Clocklike Minds team ensures cooperation with an experienced team of specialists who are some of the most experienced experts in the field of PEGA technology in Poland.

The Clocklike Minds specialists support us in projects completed for our end customers, increasing the design capabilities of our team.

We value Clocklike Minds for their technical skills, experience, and understanding of customer needs. When commissioning  subsequent tasks, we can be sure that they will be completed on time and in the highest possible quality.

Tomasz Tywoniuk

Sales Director

Transition Technologies MS S.A.

We are working with the Clocklike Minds team to support our applications built on the PEGA platform. We appreciate their contribution and commitment to developing more functionalities that noticeably improve our work. The Clocklike Minds team also takes care of bug fixing and troubleshooting. All of our requests are handled quickly and with commitment, thanks to which we put a lot of trust in the company.

Sorin Murarasu

Delivery Team Lead Enterprise Platforms and Regulatory

NN Group


At Clocklike Minds, we strive to ensure that the organizations cooperating with us keep up with, but also set, market trends.

We carefully look at the specifics of each company and the market in which it operates. We believe that a detailed analysis and a wise plan are the key to the further effective implementation of subsequent projects.

We help organizations act boldly and adequately support them in the complex digital transformation process.

We make the organizations that cooperate with us develop dynamically. We automate processes and use AI technology to help businesses make optimal decisions, all with the support of the most experienced experts on the market.

We want our partners to be able to respond quickly to the needs of their clients. Implementing flexible and reliable solutions rapidly is the best way to achieve this goal. With Clocklike Minds, you don’t have to be afraid of change. With the support of the right people and tools, you can tackle even the most significant challenges.



Working with us helps companies develop dynamically. Check out the solutions we have prepared for different industries.


Face the influence of external factors – the dynamic changes in regulations and the growing expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive market.


In the era of easy-to-compare insurance products, gain a market advantage, thanks to unique customer experiences.

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